What is FITE?

FITE is the project which starts in 2018. All the founders are sports lovers. They believe people like to express themselves through physical activity. They may be gifted with stamina, energy, strength, agility, and maybe passion.


The goal of FITE is to make fitness more interesting and more people join the fitness area.


  1. Build the platform for fitting fans

A good society tract more fans together to build great, so a successful and stable platform is necessary for FITE.

  1. Protect the private data

On the blockchain, everyone is anonymous, and all transactions are processed publicly and searchable. No one could steal or hack private information. Safe private data is one of the basic requirements for FITE.

  1. Make fitness funny

FITE supplies the virtual FITERfor every member, players can customize their virtual role, and these virtual roles can do fitness with players. FITE believes funny fitness is the power for most people. Also, we will add more elements at FITE.

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